Navajo-Churro Breeding Stock for Sale

Please contact us if you are interested in raising Navajo-Churro sheep, want photos, or to think about owning these wonderful sheep. They’re a terrific breed—gentle and friendly, with personalities. You, too, can make a difference: we all play a small part in helping preserve this elegant and spirited species. Prices for lambs usually begin at $300. Be advised that there may be additional veterinarian fees depending on extra shots you require.

Some Facts

Navajo-Churro sheep are great for 4H-ers. They are smaller than many other breeds, very hardy and disease-resistant. The ewes give birth easily, quickly claim their new babies, are protective of their young and are known for giving a lot of milk on marginal forage. As mothers they tend to twin and have strong herding instincts.

Navajo-Churro sheep are famous for their long, lustrous fleece which grows about an inch a month, in fabulous natural colors (See our gallery). Their wool is renown as a weaving wool but spun into two-ply it makes wonderful, sturdy socks and other knitted items. It also felts very easily.

Navajo-Churro meat is lean and flavorful, part of the SlowFood Ark of heritage foods.

Navajo-Churro sheep are listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as Rare.

Give us a call if you’d like to add some rare Navajo-Churro sheep into your future!

For information on fleece and fiber scouring visit the Tunbridge Woolworks website (

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