weak lambs

April 12th, 2009

Twin lambs that don’t seem to be thriving like the others?  If the ewe’s udder looks okay, my guess is the ewe— for some reason— isn’t making enough milk.  So I worm the ewe, give the lambs some extra lamb vitamins, and offer them “warm” sheep-milk-replacer.  By ‘warm’ I mean neutral to my wrist.  Dried sheep-milk-replacer (I use Merrick Super Lamb) is something I keep on hand (a 5-pound tub in my big freezer from year to year) for the just-in-case times.  If I can entice the lamb(s) to suck on the bottle then this will supplement what they’re getting form Mom.  I always leave lambs in with the flock so they learn to be ‘sheep’ but a little extra milk can only help them be thrive.  [Note: I will transition them to liking cold milk later on, just because it is easier for me.  For now though warm is most like Mom.]

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