June 10th, 2008

Trying to keep my fleece free of loose hay— and after years and years (and years) of building a new feeder every year to that end— I believe a permutation of the Premier Sheep Co design is the best, easiest, cheapest for flocks of 10+.

Premier sells the wire panels (I think no sheep need anything other than their 4″ by 4″ grid) and you supply the lumber and labor.  My only change is a solid plywood panel at the front top edge so no hay can spill down.

Build them 8 ft or 12 ft or even 16 ft (very heavy to move) long, as dividers, along a wall, stand-alone

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  1. rickscully Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion for these feeder plans, Marian. Sarah and I were able to easily follow the directions to build the feeder. The sheep don’t waste as much hay and don’t pull it down on themselves. A win-win as they say. Thanks again.

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